Our mission statement: "Spreading joy, one page after the other"

Created in July 2013, having currently two books and more in the making, RainbowLeaf Books is looking to bring joy to children and even adults and teach important values of life through simple and sweet illustrated books. Randy Williamson and Laura Angelina are the two dreamers behind RainbowLeaf Books.

Laura Angelina has a background in acting, singing, writing, graphic design and illustration. Stacks of notepads filled with doodles and sketches from her high school days are now coming to life through her books. When not working on the next book, Laura is often found daydreaming while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.

Randy Williamson has been working since a very early age and is currently Regional President of a United States contracting firm. Randy has as many ideas and projects as there are stars in the sky. Creating children’s books that inspire and bring joy to others is one of those projects that have come true. Outside of work you may find Randy scuba diving, skiing or simply spending time with his four children and grandson.